Meekins Appraisals, located in Huron, South Dakota, has been appraising commercial, agricultural and residential properties in central eastern South Dakota since 1994. We service 20 counties. Please refer to our map for service.

Our firm has appraised over 3000 residential properties, 2000 agricultural properties including farms, agribusiness and hog confinement facilities. We have performed commercial appraisals on many types of businesses and properties including schools, churches, clinics, office and retail buildings, motels and lodges.

Meekins Appraisal provides appraisals for mortgage transactions, estate settlement purposes, eminent domain, foreclosure, relocation and divorce proceedings.

Tom Meekins is a State Certified General Appraiser who specializes in commercial and agricultural properties. He has extensive experience as an expert witness in court proceedings. He has been appraising for 15 years.

Jane Meekins is a State Licensed Appraiser who specializes in appraising residential properties. She has been appraising for over 10 years. She currently serves on the Professional Appraiser's Association of South Dakota Board of Directors.

Kristi Rathjen, our daughter, is State Licensed Appraisal who specializes in agricultural and residential properties. She has 6 years of experience and is in the process of upgrading her license to State Certified General. Kristi is FHA Approved.